How to Choose the Right Mattress for Back Pain and the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses:

With the vast array of mattresses on the market, picking the right one can be really difficult. You should keep in mind that there’s no single mattress type or style that works for all those with low back pain. Personal preference is very crucial here. Moreover, it is always great to inquire and understand about the physical components of the mattress, and to find a mattress that has back support. Finally, try to achieve a balance between comfort and back support.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Amongst all those types of mattresses, memory foam mattresses have been favorites amongst customers for the last decade or so, and there are so many amazing reasons why.

These mattresses are manufactured utilizing a temperature sensitive material. This temperature sensitivity feature allows the memory foam mattress to adjust itself to the head and body weight of those who sleep on it. This means that as the temperature increases, your mattress becomes softer and ensures a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses have several health benefits including relieving pains, soreness, and body aches. These mattresses selectively displace pressure along your body. Average temperature of pain points is higher than the rest of the body as part of the biological and natural pain coping mechanism of the body. Therefore, memory foam helps your body recover rapidly by molding itself according to the temperature in those parts of body.

When you lay down, this memory foam softens, bends, and then relaxes in order to support every part of the body including the spine. When the spine is fully supported, it is in proper alignment which relieves back pain issues caused from poor alignment while sleeping. Memory foam mattress also keeps the rest of the body in alignment, and in this way reduces stress on your shoulders and hips that might lead to back pain.

The visco-elastic nature of these mattresses allows them to conform to every pressure point on your body. Memory foam becomes more conforming and softer by reacting to the warmth of your body. Traditional pressure points are shoulders, hips, and knees. Memory foam in these mattresses helps cradle those pressure points providing additional comfort for your back.

People with lower back issues are often highly satisfied with memory foam mattresses. In fact, some studies have shown that 60% of people who own a memory foam mattress experience some kind of joint pain relief. The satisfaction arises thanks to the unique behavior and properties of memory foam. As for the aspect of soft vs. firm mattress, one of the most important characteristics to look out for when buying the best mattress for your back pain is deciding the foam’s density.

Generally, high density memory foam (5lbs+) provides the best support as well as optimal spinal alignment. On the other hand, medium density memory foam (4lbs) offers less contouring of your body, while low density memory foam (2-3 lbs) is considered to offer less effective lower back pain relief of the former two.

It is also quite useful to mention another memory foam mattress’s advantage and benefit, and that is the relief from allergies. The raw material in this mattress contributes to its health benefits. These mattresses are made of polyurethane foam that is made of inorganic fibers which prevent dust mites that cause allergy from settling in.

Product Reviews: Some Top Picks

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

  • Ideal for any position you sleep in, and if you toss and turn
  • Made in the USA
  • DuoComfort (TM) design – deep sleep top layer (2.5 inch SureTemp memory foam); premium support bottom layer (9.5 inch Support-plus Foam)
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Proven pressure point relief as well as personalized alignment
  • Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 20-year limited warranty

If you want to have a great night’s sleep, this great mattress from the Sleep Innovations Inc. is an amazing option available out there. The mattress is specifically designed to provide therapeutic support to its users along with ideal sleep temperature control. This is a medium firm to firmly dense memory foam mattress. It is made from premium foamed and swirled cooling gels. It provides a healthy sleeping experience since it offers proper spinal alignment to the body. It is also equipped with an improved airflow feature which provides you with ideal temperature when sleeping. The mixture of support foam and air powered by cooling gels offer improved support to the users while maintaing its stability. If you are looking for a mattress which has support, comfort, and luxury, this one is a really great option.

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Sleep Master Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress

  • Conforming memory foam support and comfort for a better night’s sleep
  • Only the Highest Quality of Foam-Foam is CertiPUR – US Certified for performance, content, and durability
  • BioFoam – the latest evolution of memory foam, it replaces some of the traditional petroleum with some natural plant oil in order to help keep the mattress fresh
  • Mattress layers include: 4.5 inches High-density Base Support Foam, 1.5 inches Memory Foam
  • Made with new Federal Safety Standards
  • Soothing and terry cover
  • Available sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Worry Free 5 year limited warranty

A bad mattress choice usually leads to sleepy working hours or even irritation, but the biggest problem is the fact that it causes constant back pain. Fortunately, mattress companies are trying their best to create and deliver effective solutions. Sleep Master is definitely a noteworthy name amongst all these companies. Sleep Master mattresses is a brand that introduced new techniques for making affordable and comfortable foams. This mattress comes with 2 layers. One is made with 1.5’’ premium memory foam, while the lower part consists of 4.5’’ high density foam. These two separate memory foam layers add softness and reliability. The Sleep Master’s memory foam 6 inch mattress comes with practical and easy zipper. This means that buyers can simply zip off the cover and wash it in machine. Sleep Master realized that many mattresses lack this characteristic, so it added it to facilitate its users. Also, this brand is offering their customers different color options for the foam.

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Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

· A thick top 1.5 inch layer of air infused memory foam

· The second layer comprised of a 2 inch layer of Gel-Max memory foam

· The third 6.5 inch layer of HD Base Support foam

· Removable stretch knit cover

· CertiPUR-US certified

· Designed in the USA

· Availiable sizes: Twin, Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, California King

· 25 year warranty

This mattress is built from responsive materials in order to ensure it accommodates almost all sleepers, from 40 to 400 pounds. It features a dense layer of Air Foam Memory Foam as well as a dense layer of Gel-Max Memory Foam, so there is no doubt you’ll sleep great. The Perfect Cloud UltraPlush mattress is CertiPUR certified meaning it is produced without ozone depleters; PBDE retardants; lead, mercury, and some other heavy metals; formaldehyde; phthalates which are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission; and the VOC emissions for indoor air quality are. This mattress is truly plush and luxurious. Its removable stretch knit cover will match with any bed frame, and is easily and fully removable for easy care.

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LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

· 10 inches thick:

  • 2.5 inches memory foam comfort layer
  • 7.5 inches polyurethane foam base

· Foam is CertiPUR-US certified

· Open cell technology allows air flow which keeps the mattress comfortable and cool

· Doughy, soft consistency quickly conforms to pressure and weight

· Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, California King

· 25 year warranty

LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress has a medium-firm feel. Its 2.5 inches memory foam comfort layer will relieve pressure points, and it works throughout the night in order to correctly align your spine, and in that way it will improve your posture and prevent lower back pain. The memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens.

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Signature Sleep 12’’ Memory Foam Mattress


· Relieves pressure points on your shoulders and hips while resting

· 4-inch, 9 ILD memory foam

· Available in 12, 8, 6-inch thick

· Knit, soft fabric cover

· Available sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

This 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress minimizes pressure on your body, encompasses the comfort of memory foam, and provides balanced support. It relieves pressure focused on your hips, feet, and shoulders, supports body weight evenly, and eliminates motion disturbance.

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